Rewards on GitHub

This a detailed description on how to get Community Rewards on GitHub for the following contributions:

  • Report a bug

  • Feature requests

  • Created or updated projects

  • Build exchange adapter

See the full list of contributions and their respective rewards here.

Redeem your GitHub Rewards - How it Works


Open an issue on GitHub. Select the issue template which corresponds to your contribution.

Note: Please, always use the appropriate issue template otherwise the contribution won't be considered.


You will be notified if your contribution was either merged - or not - by a comment and the respective label on GitHub.

If your contribution was successfully merged, you are eligible for a Community Reward and the next following steps apply:


In the comment on GitHub a link to login will be provided. We will ask you to login with your Twitter/Telegram account, so that we can transfer your rewards. We will further ask for your GitHub account, the label your issue received, and Tixl Finance account.


We check if the data you provided checks out with the merged issues on GitHub.


Your credits will be distributed as soon as the Autobahn Network supports ERC-20 token transfers. We are currently expecting that to be possible in Q1 2021 💸